Parent Resources

There are many resources available to learn more about yoga and mindfulness for children. Here are some links to a few of our favorites. And be sure to check back often as we will continually update this page. You can find even more helpful resources by following our blog.

We can’t say enough about the awesome Well Bean Kids Yoga program developed by Jen Rapanos! She has some amazing resources for parents on her website. Check it out!

We love the music of Kira Willey and use it often in our Little Minds Yoga and Well-being classes. Check out her great TedX Talk on Bite-sized Mindfulness: An easy way for kids to be happy and healthy.

A few more links to check out:

How to Raise Optimistic Kids

10 Things to say instead of stop crying

Calm-Down Jars – an easy recipe for “Mindfulness Jars”.

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